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Reclaim Your Vitality


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At NorthLife Aesthetics and Wellness, we believe in a holistic approach to well-being, recognizing that feeling good about yourself transcends physical appearance. Our mission extends beyond aesthetics; it encompasses fostering a sense of confidence and empowerment within each individual. Whether you’re embarking on a weight loss journey or seeking solutions for sexual wellness, our focus remains on personalized care. We understand that these areas can significantly impact one’s quality of life, and our team of dedicated professionals is here to provide unwavering support, guidance, and expertise throughout your entire experience at our medspa in Coeur d’Alene.

Medical Weight Loss


Empower Your Confidence

Morpheus8 is a revolutionary advancement in aesthetic technology designed to redefine skin rejuvenation. This innovative procedure combines the power of microneedling with radiofrequency energy, penetrating deep into the skin’s layers to stimulate collagen production and remodel tissue. Morpheus8 effectively targets various skin concerns, including fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and uneven texture, delivering remarkable results with minimal downtime. This cutting-edge treatment provides unparalleled precision, allowing for customizable depths and intensities to address individual skin needs. Experience the transformative power of Morpheus8 RF Microneedling at one of the best med spas in CDA, Idaho, where science meets artistry to unveil radiant, youthful skin from within.


Lumecca IPL Photofacial

Radiant Rejuvenation

Lumecca IPL Photofacial introduces a revolutionary approach to skin rejuvenation, harnessing the power of intense pulsed light technology. This cutting-edge treatment targets a spectrum of skin irregularities, from sun damage to vascular lesions, offering a non-invasive solution for a radiant complexion. With its precision and effectiveness, Lumecca IPL stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking to restore their skin’s natural brilliance and achieve a more even-toned, youthful appearance.
Radiant Rejuvenation

Empower RF

Feminine Vitality

Empower RF Vaginal Rejuvenation presents an innovative breakthrough in women’s wellness, utilizing advanced radiofrequency technology for intimate rejuvenation and incontinence repair. This non-invasive treatment focuses on empowering women by addressing various concerns, including urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity and overall tissue tone.
Feminine Vitality

Laser Hair Removal

Smooth Perfection

Diolaze laser hair removal introduces a new era in smooth skin solutions, utilizing cutting-edge technology to deliver efficient and long-lasting hair removal results. This advanced treatment combines precision and comfort, targeting unwanted hair follicles with the power of diode laser technology. With its effectiveness and gentle approach, Diolaze stands as a game-changer for individuals seeking a convenient and enduring solution to achieve silky, hair-free skin, redefining the standards of effortless beauty maintenance. Diolaze incorporates 3PC Cooling for ultimate patient comfort and sets a new benchmark as the most efficacious on the market, providing unparalleled results in less time.


Tone (Non-Invasive Muscle Sculpting)

Sculpted Elegance

Tone, a non-invasive muscle sculpting technique, redefines fitness by targeting muscle groups with precision, offering a transformative approach to body contouring. This innovative method utilizes advanced technology to stimulate muscles, creating defined and toned results without the need for invasive procedures. With its tailored approach and impressive outcomes, Tone stands as a pioneering solution for individuals seeking to achieve sculpted physiques and enhanced muscle definition, revolutionizing the path to a fitter, more toned body.

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Loving my results!

so welcoming and knowledgeable and made my experience amazing!

Lumecca IPL Photofacial

Revolutionize Your Skin

Lumecca IPL Photofacial stands at the forefront of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology, offering a transformative approach to addressing various skin concerns. This innovative treatment harnesses the power of optimized light energy, penetrating deep into the skin’s layers to target pigmentation irregularities, sun damage, vascular lesions, and overall skin texture. With its precise delivery system, Lumecca achieves exceptional results, stimulating collagen production and promoting a brighter, more even-toned complexion. Embrace the confidence of luminous skin with Lumecca IPL Treatment—a non-invasive, effective solution tailored to unveil your skin’s natural radiance.

Your Journey, Our Expertise


We believe in equipping you with the knowledge and tools to maintain your well-being long-term. Alongside our personalized medications and cutting-edge procedures, we offer educational resources, lifestyle guidance, and ongoing support to help you sustain your health goals. Our comprehensive approach aims not only to address immediate concerns but also to empower you with the means to lead a fulfilling, healthy lifestyle. NorthLife Aesthetics and Wellness, a renowned wellness and aesthetic center, is not just a destination for treatments; it’s a partnership in your journey to optimal health, wellness, and natural beauty.

PRF / EZgel

Regenerative Elixir

PRF, a natural alternative to synthetic filler, and EZgel emerge as a groundbreaking advancement in regenerative skincare, leveraging the potent properties of Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) within an innovative gel formulation. This cutting-edge product represents a fusion of science and nature, designed to promote natural healing and rejuvenation for the skin. With its easy application and remarkable efficacy, PRF and EZgel serve as a promising solution for individuals seeking to enhance their skin’s vitality and restore a more youthful, radiant complexion. Additionally, PRF injections have revolutionized hair restoration, harnessing the power of platelet-rich fibrin to stimulate natural hair growth and rejuvenate follicles effectively.
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Timeless Refinement

Botox, a renowned cosmetic injectable, offers a transformative approach to minimizing wrinkles and fine lines by relaxing specific facial muscles. This widely trusted treatment harnesses the power of botulinum toxin to smoothen and rejuvenate the skin, restoring a more youthful appearance. With its precision and proven results, Botox stands as a cornerstone in the realm of non-invasive cosmetic enhancements, empowering individuals to regain confidence and achieve a refreshed, natural look.

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Dermal Fillers

Renewed Volume

Dermal fillers revolutionize facial rejuvenation by restoring volume, enhancing contours, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines. This non-surgical cosmetic procedure employs biocompatible substances to plump and revitalize specific areas, offering natural-looking results. With its versatility and ability to sculpt, dermal fillers stand as a go-to solution for individuals seeking personalized enhancements, redefining beauty standards with a refreshed, youthful visage.

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Henna Brow & Lash Tints

Natural Definition

Henna brow and lash tints redefine natural beauty, offering a safe and semi-permanent way to enhance eyebrows and eyelashes. This technique utilizes henna-based dyes to add depth, shape, and definition, framing the eyes with striking yet natural-looking results. With its gentle application and long-lasting effect, henna brow and lash tints stand as a game-changer in beauty routines, accentuating features for a captivating, effortless allure.

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Medical Facials

Nourishing Glow

Medical facials revolutionize skincare by offering customized treatments tailored to individual skin concerns and goals. These professional procedures combine clinical expertise with advanced techniques and specialized products to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and rejuvenate the skin. With their personalized approach and visible results, medical facials stand as a pinnacle of skincare excellence, providing a pathway to healthier, radiant skin and a revitalized complexion.

Elevating Health & Beauty


Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our investment in state-of-the-art technologies and ongoing education. Our specialists continuously refine their skills to bring you the most advanced medical aesthetic treatments with remarkable results. From innovative procedures for facial and body enhancements to rejuvenating women’s wellness therapies, we prioritize your comfort, safety, and satisfaction. At NorthLife Aesthetics and Wellness, our goal is not just to meet your expectations but to surpass them, ensuring a transformative experience that elevates your overall well-being at our medspa in Coeur d’Alene.
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Amazing support!

Since I discovered NorthLife, I have lost 20+ pounds which exceeded my original goal.

Medical Weight Loss

Sustainable Solutions

Semaglutide and Tirzepatide mark a significant shift in sustainable weight management, offering hope for those seeking lasting solutions. These medications signal a groundbreaking era, reshaping how we address weight loss by combining pharmaceutical advancements with lifestyle adjustments. They play a crucial role in appetite management, glucose control, and substantial weight loss, showcasing their effectiveness and dedication to guiding individuals on personalized paths toward better health.

Your Path to Wellness

Unmatched Radiance

We believe that beauty and wellness is a journey unique to each individual. We’re dedicated to guiding you along this path, providing personalized strategies and support to achieve your health and vitality goals. Whether it’s through our tailored medical or aesthetic treatments, holistic approaches, or comprehensive lifestyle interventions, we’re here to empower you every step of the way at our wellness and aesthetic center.

Transform Your Journey to Wellness and Beauty at the Premier Medspa in Coeur d'Alene

Our wellness and aesthetic center offers a unique fusion of luxury, innovation, and holistic care. As one of the best med spas in CDA, Idaho, we offer an unmatched experience that goes beyond the surface to rejuvenate both mind and body.

Services Tailored Just for You

  • Cutting-edge Treatments: From the latest in laser technology to revolutionary skincare treatments, every service is a step towards perfection.
  • Expert Care: Our specialists are artists in their own right, dedicated to crafting personalized experiences that cater to your unique needs.
  • A Sanctuary of Wellness: In every corner, you’ll find an oasis designed to foster tranquility and healing.

An Extraordinary Experience At Our Wellness and Aesthetic Center

Our commitment to the wellness of our clients has solidified our reputation as a trusted medspa in Coeur d’Alene. Each visit opens doors to a world where beauty and wellness coalesce, offering a sanctuary where every individual is revered. Our services, from advanced skin rejuvenation to wellness therapies, are designed to nurture your journey towards optimal health and aesthetic bliss.

Our Main Services:

We invite you to experience the essence of true beauty and wellness at our center. As one of the best med spas in CDA, Idaho, we are not just a destination. We are on a journey to rediscovery and renewal.

Why Choose NorthLife Aesthetics and Wellness?

Choosing our medspa in Coeur d’Alene means stepping into a world of matchless luxury and wellness. As a leading wellness and aesthetic center, we set the standard for exceptional care, delivering results that go beyond expectations. Our dedication and commitment to your well-being make us not just the best choice in Coeur d’Alene but in Post Falls as-well as it’s not very far away from Couer d’Alene. We are the only choice for individuals seeking transformation and fulfillment.

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Darlene Boyden
Darlene Boyden
June 3, 2024
The receptionist when I called was kind and patient. Answered all my questions. Meg who is my service provider is beyond knowledgeable in her area of expertise!!! She’s also kind, funny and made me feel comfortable as well. The center is very clean, organized and definitely follows sanitation and disinfection protocols.
May 30, 2024
Northlife is the best! Since they offer really amazing sales, I've had botox, laser hair removal, Morpheus8 and a few facials all within the last year. I was seeing the effects of aging in my face, but after the morpheus treatments and microdermabrasion facials, I've seen huge improvements in my skin. The staff are so friendly and knowledgeable, and every experience has been super positive.
Tara Harmon
Tara Harmon
May 24, 2024
I absolutely love this place and the employees! They made me feel empowered to get to the healthiest I’ve ever been! They are kind, fast, convenient and truly care about their clients! Can’t thank them enough for my journey!!
karen Laffargue
karen Laffargue
May 10, 2024
I could not be happier with the results of my Botox treatments from NorthLife , Megan was wonderful, I look forward to experiencing the health and wellness treatments..
Lynn Hofer
Lynn Hofer
May 10, 2024
I had the best experience ever with my botox injections. Megan Bosworth was extremely professional, knowledgeable, gentle, and best of all zero bruising! I will be coming back for more!!!
kyle mead
kyle mead
May 2, 2024
Amazing job! Completely made me feel like a new person!
Diane Gamlem
Diane Gamlem
April 19, 2024
I saw Brenna today for a long over due Microdermabrasion. My first time in the spa. It's beautiful ❤️. Brenna was gracious and provided an excellent experience. She is professional and knowledgeable. Everyone there was kind, respectful , and Brenna was truly delightful to talk with and spend my time with. I will go back again soon. Highly recommend NorthLife Aesthetics and their Esthetician Brenna. Thank you Brenna!
Tini Bert
Tini Bert
April 16, 2024
Extremely caring staff great results!
Karin Laffargue
Karin Laffargue
April 12, 2024
I had an amazing experience with Northlife. The staff was friendly made me feel at home. And I love my Henna eyebrows
Tammy Holsten
Tammy Holsten
March 30, 2024
The staff is friendly & knowledgeable and they get me in and out in a timely manner.